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  1. Hi All I got new machine with Ryzen CPU and from day one I started to have random VW crashes. There is no particular pattern - VW will crash regardless from tool or action. It can even crash when I'm not doing anything in the moment and it even happens when working on simple files. It happens to both VW2016 and VW2017. I checked Event viewer and apparently this is an issue with OpenGL driver (nvoglv64.dll) - I tried reinstalling/upgrading and downgrading drivers but with no effect. Event viewer says that driver error code is 3, subcode 7 - on Nvidia community board it was advised to set power to maximum performance (in Nvidia panel) should this error happen - but it didn't help. Apart from VW everything else runs just fine - I have no other issue with any other software. BIOS is up to date as well as all other drivers. Graphic card was used before in my previous machine (win7 i7-2600k) and it worked just fine. Did anyone have similar issue? I started to think this may be related to Ryzen. Did anyone have issues with this CPU? Also I've noticed strange VW behaviour that I didn't encounter on my previous computer: when using eyedropper to copy attributes (i.e. between two simple objects like lines etc.) the whole navigation panel with classes resets itself and it lasts for 1-2 secs. Thanks in advance for any help. Machine specs: Win 10 pro 64 + VW2016 sp6 and VW2017 sp4 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS 16GB RAM DDR4-2400 Graphic card: Zotac GeForce GTX 970 Nvidia drv. version 384.76
  2. PawelW

    Corrupted Dwg

    VW version is 2008 SP3, OS is WinXP SP3 Comp: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600@2.4Ghz 3gb Ram, 2x Geforce 8800GT SLI I usually export to Acad 2002. I checked files in DWG trueview 2008 (yet i know that people that i send it to, have all these problems that i have in viewer. Command "recover" in Acad simply does not solve the problem. Drawings are elevations (it is not a general rule though). They are 2D. Same problems happens when we recieve for example furniture layout with some 3d furniture models/splines/nurbs. As i've written above - it has something to do with polygons/polilines/number or vertices/possibly number of groups or symbols in the drawing. It's hard to say. Ususally i need to spend few hours to find set of polylines/polygons that behaves funny and after removing these drawing can be exported properly. It is not a general rule - sometimes i simply can't find the problem. It's quite often in my office though. And it started when we moved into 2008 from 12.5. So i have all the reasons to believe that it is not just my computer. After exporting that creates corrupted dwg files, my VW crashes or forces me to restart VW. In the beginnig markers around blocks and objects vanish and then, when tring to switch between vieports/layers/groups it can suddenly crash. I'll try to submit this bug today after work - just thought that some of you might have had same issues. Is there some other way to contact technical support more directly (except reporting the bug online)? Thank you for your quick response Best Regards
  3. When exporting from VW 2008 into dwg, Dwg becomes corrupted and it can't be opened in AutoCad. File itself (vectorworks file) is becoming corrupted as well (after procedure) and i need to restart VW in order to work with it. I have found out that it has something to do with polylines and polygons - the more vertices it has it's more likely to become corrupted. Anyone knows what's happening? And it happens quite often that file converted into dwg can't be printed in Autocad (although it can be opened). Problem vanishes when i swith on "use layer colors" in Documents settings (but then i can't use class colors). A lot of people in my office has this problems. Best Regards
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