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  1. You may want to check with Julian Carr concerning 3D Manager Objects and texture maps - have you coverted the 3D Mgr object to mesh and then mapped the texture to the object? You'll get better control over placement etc... Does the 3D Mgr object have a wall thickness or is it solid? This can effect the object You may also want to try and tweak (adjust & move) your lights - I've also had this problem - RW 9.0.1 fixed it however... Insted of one single intense light source - I used a ring of lights at a low percentage - no spots of color... -TPW [This message has been edited by troypwms (edited 09-05-2001).] [This message has been edited by troypwms (edited 09-05-2001).]
  2. GBlyth: If the columns that you are refering to are in the MGM Rendering - those were created in 3D (extruded tubes with solid subtractions). Are those the ones your speaking about? -TroyPWms
  3. Go baby Go!!! As far as textures and objects created in 8 opened in 9 - I've noticed lots of strange behaviour... Best to stick with all in 9 or 8 (work in one or the other) until NNA fixes some of the bugs... -TPW [This message has been edited by troypwms (edited 05-14-2001).]
  4. Make sure that the object your mapping is at 0,0,0 in the model space- you'll get lost in the mapping box if its too far away from center..... It may not be a number of colors issue.... Can you see the object at least or nothing at all??? -Troy [This message has been edited by troypwms (edited 05-11-2001).]
  5. 9.1 No Better... Lots of crashes and freezes. I feel as though this upgrade was a waste of money. I'm going to export and work with 8.5.2. Please provide a solution and update soon. Troy
  6. I Have 850MB of RAM in the machine and anywhere from 250+ allocated for higher res renderings... I'll try 9.1... Thank you. Troy
  7. What is the deal! (MAC G4/Tons of RAM SSW 9.0.4) Renderworks 9 will not render your model if you create a texture, map it correctly, duplicate it and then swap the image keeping the same resolution and feature size. It will calculate geometry, and then give you a black picture in a few seconds. If you then remove the new duplicated texture from the file it will freeze the system. Tech Folks: What is up with this new version??? Wasting time, Troy Williams KWDG
  8. Randy: Here's how I would proceed. Take into consideration the largest cabinet that you will be extruding... Create it first. Create your texture. And map it to that object so that scale/grain etc. looks correct. Option drag the cabinet "planes" from the first that you created. And change the size as you need. If you are downsizing the cabinet "plane" as you are working the texture map you should have plenty of "bleed" and the texture will just wrap around to the back of the plane where you won't see it in the rendering. If you have different shapes and curved facias you'll need to adjust the mapping of those objects individually.. Whatcha think?? -TPW
  9. Yes- Simply adjust your settings regarding scale and feature size. Look for the button "adjust by image" or "set by image" in the texture that you've created... -Troy Williams Koulian Williams Design Group http://homepage.mac.com/troy_williams/
  10. Archken: To speak to your comments- All the renderings on this page... http://homepage.mac.com/troy_williams/PhotoAlbum.html All were created In RenderWorks with very little Photoshop post rendering work. (Just the Gal in the shelves) As far as curves and "spiral shapes" - Julian Carr has created a superior (and inexpensive) plug-in for those tasks... Fully integrated into the symbol LIB for ease of edit... -Troy
  11. Hello All: Here are some of mine. http://homepage.mac.com/troy_williams/PhotoAlbum.html Please comment. Thanks, Troy Williams Koulian Williams Design Group
  12. One more note- RW9 Does not like it when you duplicate existing textures and then change the image. (for example-was useful in VW8 for creating multiple CD covers-all the same size in a retail music department) After much trial and error in VW 9 I found that it's best to create textures one by one- and map one by one (WHAT A PAIN) I created one object, mapped the texture and took note of the settings... (at least this was the only way that my model would render with out crashes, holes and funky colors) -Troy Principal Koulian Williams Design Group
  13. I've noticed several bugs and system and crashes as well. Here is what I did: It seems to work is if you render little sections of the complex model and copy and paste/compose in Photoshop. You can then save the Photoshop file and import back into VW for comping and dimensions etc... Make sure you keep track of your resolutions, ratios.... Its a real pain in the ass, but it seems to work - rather than crash the system. I crashed about 10 times today... I hope the programers post a bug fix soon... What happend to the warning: not enough memory before you render as in VW/RW8.5.2? -Troy
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