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  1. I do not think there is a PDF this year, however the Help will work offline now as well, if you are offline and go to use the Help, it will revert to the local copy in your Vectorworks 2016 folder. This local copy will be updated whenever we release a service pack, as opposed to the online help which gets updated live.

    Aloha, Jim:

    That will serve my need! Thanks!

  2. Aloha, Ray: Thank you for mentioning all other names which I neglected in my post. I was truly sadden by the way the forum was heading due to frustrations and users feeling neglected. I love VW since I saw it in the form of Minicad 7.

    The responses from NVW staff--even if it is not the solution to the problem posted, made day and night difference with the general tone of the posts!


  3. Aloha, Jim: You and couple others are very actively addressing many of the concerns that was brought by VW users. This is very much appreciated! Having at least one of you sharing your insights and possible solutions help a lot to us users. Your very frank explanations about memory issues and 64 bits are couple good examples.

    Keep up the good work! I hope you will continue this wonderful contribution. Aloha

  4. Aloha, Justin: There is one setting that you can try in MacOS X pref.

    Click on the "general" you'll see a check box for "Close windows when...."

    This may not work when the application crashes but try it...

  5. Aloha, is there any way that I can move/reposition the annotated angle and distance text attached to the property line object? I have two segments that are too close to each other--causing the text to overlap. The only solution I found so far is to ungroup it; however, that converts the property line object to poly line and it loses at its bells and whistles. Thanks

  6. Hi, Vijay: that is good way to isolate the crash. But Doug would have to live with many other apps that might not work properly during the test period. Isolating the issue as Ian points is better solution in the long run.

    Bill: You solution to the crashing issue definitely points to corrupted user permission. I would try to run the "safe boot disk repair first" as it is much less time time compared to creating new user account and setting up everything again. (My two cents worth for Doug.)

  7. Hi, Doug: I am not sure if it is Java. However, it seems something from iMac's system or could be some other application installed triggering it. Specially when you have the same permission getting corrupted repeatedly. Do you recall installing any application before having this crash issue? It is one possible way to isolate the problem--as it is only happening on this iMac.

    Have tou tried booting the iMac on the "safe boot" mode and run the "fsck -fy" disk repair routine?

    If that doesn't solve it, you might want to contact Apple regarding the repeatedly corrupt permissions.

  8. Aloha,

    Thank you so much for all the input! Bryan is correct...I've uploaded a lot points from my total station and file size stays pretty small. I always keep my survey points as a stakeout points in VW. What is 3D loci and what is the advantage of using it compared to Stakeout point?

  9. Aloha, please share your thoughts, ideas or suggestions regarding the best work flow for this.

    I am about to embark on a project of creating topographical map for our 70 acres monastery land. My first focus after collecting the survey data is to create topo lines showing the elevations. This will be used mainly for planning purposes. I learned to create topo lines using the DTM tool. (Thanks to Peter Cipes for teaching me). However, I am concern that this will create a giant file with all the 3D data.

    My current thinking is to convert the DTM to 2D lines. (Need to figure out how to do this.) Then if I ever need to actually work on project that requires cut and fill, I would just model that portion of the property with previously gathered survey data.

    Is this a right approach?

    Thank very much!

  10. Aloha, Benson & Wouter:

    Benson your experience is valid. All the dimensions revert to current unit setting when they are changed.

    I should have been a bit more specific?these are my property line objects. Wouter you are correct?PIO don't update. When I choose update in the edit dialog the dimensions revert to current setting.

    Thank you both, I have better understanding now! Warm Aloha from Hawaii!

  11. Aloha, Peter: I was very confused once. You are right we both are in the N. Hemisphere. After speaking to couple of the local surveyors few years back...the story is that the first surveyor arrived on the islands in the early days thought Hawaii was in the Southern Hemisphere. The mistake was carried forward faithfully to date. In Hawaii all the survey are done with South Azimuth!

    I did discover that I could change them manually, was just hopping for universal settings somewhere. I'll PM Jonathan.

    Thanks Peter!

    P.S. I didn't mean you're in S. Hem. Just hoping someone beside you?who reside in S. Hem might response... Sorry for the confusion...(smile)


  12. Aloha, Peter or anyone else (from the southern hemisphere...)

    Hawaii uses South azimuth for its Metes and Bounds description. Anyone know how can I get South azimuth labelled on the property line that I created with Peter's direction in previous post? I tried drawing my line counter clockwise that didn't do the trick. I hope I don't have to manually change the azimuth on every single property line.



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