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  1. Thank you, Klinzey. That worked...had all my adobe creative suite apps, Mozilla, and Preview running and once I closed them everything was back to normal in Vectorworks... so im not sure which program it was that was causing the issue, but hopefully it doesn't happen again. Now can you help me with the rest of my thesis too, please?
  2. Holding Shift to select multiple objects doesn't work either!! Someone please help! Working on my thesis and big presentation is tomorrow!
  3. I've tried opening a brand new, fresh document, and none of the functions work either, so I know its not just the file that I'm working on that's messed up.
  4. Hello, Holding the space bar would allow me to temporarily pan. Holding shift would give a straight line. And dragging an object while holding ALT used to duplicate the object. All of a sudden, these functions don't work. Anyone else experience this before?? Thanks
  5. Hello, I am considering installing VW2008 on a brand new PC with Vista. I have installed it on a PC with Windows XP, and so far have encountered no problems. Any tips, or heads up I should be aware of before installing VW2008 on XP? Thanks!
  6. Hello, thank you for the advice to keep older VW versions so that older files can open in their original VW versions. I just upgraded from VW 11 to VW 2008, and I came on this forum for tips on how to uninstall the old version, but now I am second guessing this step. But if i do decide to uninstall VW 11 from my Mac, technically is there no "uninstalling"? Since all i have to do is simply delete the VW 11 folder?
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