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  1. hello all i'm trying to install 2009 SP5 in windows 7(64 bits) but the update exe don't work...i've already desactivate antivirus,but still don't work...can you please help me... thank you Cristovao
  2. Thanks Michael,i will try this... Kris
  3. hi Michael yes,what i want is what you have in your file... can you help with that thanks Kris
  4. Hello i try to insert the dimensions with the"constrained linear dimension",but they don't rotate when i change the view... whow could i made they rotate similar to the view,help needed... Thanks in advance... Kris
  5. OK,now i see the differences... Yes i've been talking to AJ,and they try to fix the issues... Thanks Kevin Kris
  6. Hi Kevin Ok this could be true,but when i work with VW 12.5 this don?t happens,so something wrong happens... about textures to Vision i already solve the problem(another quicktime release)but the image props,still dissapear...
  7. Hello again Can somebody say something about this issue,please... Kris
  8. Hello i have a problem with the insertion tool...when i use it,all the textures turn really bad...when i put a symbol without the insertion tool the textures don't change,but then they are only 2D/3D symbol and not a lighting device... I work with ESP Vision,when i export the scene from VW to Vision all textures and image props disapear... i need help with this... Kris
  9. OK,now i made the update to SP2 and all it's OK thank's for the speedy help Merry Christmas Kris
  10. Hello Kevin I have Spotlight 2009/Renderworks SP1 build 96841 Merry Christmas Kris
  11. hello again ok i understand what's going on with the sizes of objects,it's the layer scale i thought should be 1:1 and it's not... but VW still end's when i try to insert round truss,and the updater still don't work Kris
  12. hello kevin i have a B version,the update don't open when i insert the objects(no matter what kind they are) they are mutch bigger than the space to drawn
  13. hello kevin! i download the file,unzip,but the updater don't do nothing
  14. i made the update from 12.5 to 2009. i have big problems: .truss,spots etc are bigger than the workspace .wnen i try to insert circle truss VW end's .i try the updater but don't open the file please somebody could help me thank you P.S. i've alredy open a topic in general,but i really need help,i got a new project to develop... Kris
  15. Hello ALL i install 2009 and have lots of problems: truss,spots,etc are bigger than the workspace when i try to put circle truss VW end's when i use files from 12.5 all is ok i try to run the updater but don't happens nothing if somebody could help me i really appreciate thank you Kris
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