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  1. Hi

    If I use the plan list from the resource browser all works well until a random moment when new plant symbols do not show up on the list. I think it is isolated to the "Plant list" as the "simple plant list" will show all the plant symbols present. Has any one had trouble with this, and is there a fix ? I like the new plant list available on VW 2009 as it splits the plants into different categories, Trees, shrubs, perennials, etc.

    Any help would be much appreciated, I thought sp4 might address this but it has not, at least on my machine.

  2. Discovered something interesting. I followed Ozzie's advice, in the resource browser I right clicked the plant symbol, under edit choose definition, under rendering choose turn on rendering at creation. The plant symbols reappears...Thanks Ozzie it's great to see my drawing was not lost.

  3. These plant symbols did come from the xfrog plant library. I would place one tag per group of plants rather than a tag on every plant. The original sheet-landscape layer had a plant list which seems to be missing. I'm really puzzled as to what happened. I have put together several drawing with this version (2009) without incident.

    I really appreciate all your help.

  4. Not sure why or how it happened but all my plants disappeared from a design layer on a completed design. Some loci remained which when highlighted appeared to have the 2d rendering turned off. So I was able to restore a few plants but have lost many....all classes and layer visible. Any thoughts ?????

  5. I am still getting use to version 2009. All said I really enjoy the improvements, not sure where the 3d plant symbols are. I see the xfrog images in the library. These appear to be for side and overhead sections.

    Can anyone tell me the location of these 3d images.

    Thanks for the help

  6. Hi

    Can anyone tell me how you get the worksheet file included in the 'Plant Objects.vwx' to become visible in the drawing for printing purposes ???

    I can open this document but am having a hard time figuring out how to make it visible in a sheet or design layer.

    Thanks, everyone has been most helpful with other questions I have had.


  7. Hello

    Anyone tell me how to separate trees, shrubs and perennials on a plant list worksheet ? I have tried to figure this out all afternoon. I place plants on the drawing, they end up on the list, all is well except I want to separate them into there different categories.

    Any Help would be much appreciated, I believe the answer lies in the worksheet formulas, but I'm stuck.


  8. Hi

    Just upgraded to V 2009, can anyone help me format my plant list? I want to have trees, shrubs, and perennials separated and I don't seem to be able to get it.

    I can add these Titles in new rows, but the plants will not migrate under these heading when I move them. They all seem to move as a group.

    Thanks for your help.

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