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  1. Does anybody use the ENCAD Chroma24 plotter with the Mac conversion kit ??? If so please tell me if it works ok. ------------------
  2. Sascha

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    Same problem popped up for me, particularily in large files. Sometimes it ris remedied by restart of program, on some files it stays on. ------------------
  3. Can files created with VectorWorks ARCHITECT be correctly be printed out from a computer which has only VectorWorks (which version) installed. How would a computer which does NOT have RenderWorks installed handle (reproduce) renderings created with Renderworks ------------------
  4. After I have "created" a LINKED LAYER (e.g. have it linked to several other layers). if i forget which these layers are it there any simple way to find out which layers they were and whether transfer of 2D items was included or not? Further can this latter status be changed after initial establishment? ------------------
  5. I was able to locate this file listed thus on page 3-4 of the Vectorworks Architect Manual as "VA Sheet-Layer-Class Std.pdf" (dashed not slashes between words) in the "Extra" Folder of "Architect", but seem to be unable to PRINT it with Adobe Acrobat 4.0 in enlarged (leggible) size. How must I proceed ??


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