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  1. Vidar

    Sun Position

    Well, it looks like it works OK when the program returns azimuth and altitude, but sometimes the program is unable to compute the azimuth. If there is no number in the box for azimuth and you hit OK, the program will crash.
  2. Vidar

    Sun Position

    Warning! If you are working in VA 9 with a file updated from 8.5.2, don't touch the Sun Position - or your program will quit and the file will be totally damaged. I called Tech Support yesterday and they admitted that this is a bug. They promissed to call me back with a solution, but they did not. In the Sun Position dialog box, I noticed that the previously set longitude (7?E) turned up negative. The program could not compute sun azimuth angle. Does anyone have a better idea than simply stay away from using this function in VA9?
  3. When you switch from one 3D view to another - say, from the east side of a building to the west side - you will have to change the sun position and render the perspective again. It would be great if a specific sun position (time of day and day of year) could be associated with each 3D view.
  4. I have been testing the Room Name Object in a document with SI units - millimeters. I found that the program computed the room floor area incorrect. I found that in order to have the correct output in square meters, the length and width of the room had to be entered in centimeters (not millimeters)! This is very strange. Is there a fix for this? Also, how can I change the unit name "S.M." to "m2" for square meters?
  5. When VA Architect 1.0.1 update becomes available, it will change the borders to symbols so that editing them will not effect the issue/task manager, nor will it eliminate your Object Info entry capabilities. Does this mean that we can create borders with title blocks for ISO A3, A2, A1 sizes? Is there a way to do this without waiting for VA 1.0.1 (and keeping the possibility to use Issue Manager)?
  6. I can not make the Revision Cloud in VW Architect. The program beeps and switches over to freehand tool. No cloud is created. How can I work around this without having to go back to the AEC workspace?


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