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  1. Hi, in Vectorworks 2013 there is a great feature: Window Opening Symbols, but in europe the symbols are used mirror inverted! Can I change these settings? Thank you Markus
  2. Hi, how can I get the outside and inside wall area in a worksheet? thank you markus
  3. hi, i?m trying to create a roof on a trapeze ground floor where the ridge is horizontal and the cullis are aslope! i know that i can contract it with an area plane and cut the walls, but if i change the walls i have to do it again and again! any ideas? thank you markus
  4. ohhhhhhh - sorry thank you
  5. Hi, can i use color for fillings or lines in the annotation view? it don?t work - only black and white! thank you markus
  6. for me to - why vw does?t clear these bugs? if i have a wall with one component -> i get this line with two component -> everything is quite fine grrrr
  7. hi, in vw 2009 it was possible to edit space names or finish in the worksheet! in vw 2011 i can?t do that?!?! do i overlook something? thank you markus
  8. the room number is above the room name!
  9. i can read the text, but the order is flipped
  10. hi, i need to mirror buildings, but the space stamp is also mirrored! is there a opportunity to do this without a mirrored space stamp? thank you markus vw 2010
  11. We are waiting for a new service pack!
  12. i?ve tried it - on mac with german os x - it works - changed to english hm - but in vw 2010 i have no problems!!! and now...?
  13. i?m waiting for service pack 3 and lost money :-( wanna be a software engineer in my next life!
  14. a refresh and left-right don?t work in my case! - hm
  15. ok - thank you - but i?ve a big project and when i have to change every space symbol than i?m dead!
  16. hm - can i have your file? here is mine: SpaceGrossArea thank you
  17. with Gross Area i get only e.g. 89,00 and not 89,34!!!! THATS A BIG BUG!!!
  18. aha - do you have overview-pdf? how can i make a total? thank you
  19. hi - i used in a worksheet always the expression: =('Space'.'Area') to get the Area of a space. Since VW2011 the numbers in the worksheet are cut off: e.g. in the Space: 89,34 s qm in the worksheet: 89 the i format the cell to decimal with 3 places, than i got 89,000 SpaceArea.jpg SpaceArea.vwx whats that? thanks markus
  20. how can i list room objects with the floor finish e.g. wood? thank you
  21. hi, i?m trying to find the right workflow for 3d with vectorworks. with the section viewport i?ve got some problems: 1. can i join walls from level 0 with level 1? 2. whats the right way to subtract the floor from the wall? thank you [img:left]http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/ftsk-1-png.html[/img]
  22. hi - we have 2 versions of vectorworks with 2 dongles. is it possible to put the 2 dongles on a server and install vectorworks on other computers to work with vector on different computers?
  23. hi - does someone know a export plug-in for obj or collada? thank you
  24. hi - i don?t have renderworks and i want to put the model in cinema by using the exporter. it works very well but is it possible to give a wall outside and inside, or jamb a different material? thank you


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