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  1. Hi, in Vectorworks 2013 there is a great feature: Window Opening Symbols, but in europe the symbols are used mirror inverted! Can I change these settings? Thank you Markus
  2. Hi, how can I get the outside and inside wall area in a worksheet? thank you markus
  3. hi, i?m trying to create a roof on a trapeze ground floor where the ridge is horizontal and the cullis are aslope! i know that i can contract it with an area plane and cut the walls, but if i change the walls i have to do it again and again! any ideas? thank you markus
  4. Hi, can i use color for fillings or lines in the annotation view? it don?t work - only black and white! thank you markus
  5. for me to - why vw does?t clear these bugs? if i have a wall with one component -> i get this line with two component -> everything is quite fine grrrr
  6. hi, in vw 2009 it was possible to edit space names or finish in the worksheet! in vw 2011 i can?t do that?!?! do i overlook something? thank you markus
  7. the room number is above the room name!
  8. i can read the text, but the order is flipped
  9. hi, i need to mirror buildings, but the space stamp is also mirrored! is there a opportunity to do this without a mirrored space stamp? thank you markus vw 2010
  10. We are waiting for a new service pack!
  11. i?ve tried it - on mac with german os x - it works - changed to english hm - but in vw 2010 i have no problems!!! and now...?
  12. i?m waiting for service pack 3 and lost money :-( wanna be a software engineer in my next life!
  13. a refresh and left-right don?t work in my case! - hm
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