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  1. Dear All, I really need your help. Ok, here's the problem : i have a room to design, in the parisian style, higher storey. This means that one of the 4 walls of the room has to be a little attic. And, don't know why, but i can't find anywhere in VW the parameters to give a little angle to my wall (say, a -15? angle compared to a straight (90?) wall. I tried to rotate it, in any ways....but nothing happened the way i wanted. So my question is : is there a way to give a certain angle to a wall to make is attic ? If so, could you explain how to do that ? Thx in advance. Greg
  2. Humm...are you asking me which version is my Artlantis and VW ? (sorry, i'm not fluent in english so my understanding is sometimes very poor). If that was the question : VW : version 2008. Artlantis : version 2.1.0 The plug-in (export from VW to Artlantis) is something like 13.1 or so, but i'm sure that it is the good one (the one for VW 2008). Actually, i do a lot of tests but each time the same problem appears. It seems that Artlantis doesn't like the VW objects and doesn't understand that this object (window) is made of several parts (which are all, in a way, specific objects). Same prob with the doors for example : i can't give a different color for the jamb and the leaf. If someone has a clue, i'd be very very very happy to hear from you. +++++++++++++ AFTER A FULL DAY OF TEST, HERE IS THIS ANSWER...IF SOMEONE IS INTERESTED... So ok, let's forget about exporting in .alt (artlantis format) or .dwg. Waste of time, Artlantis will never ever recognise the different parts of your object. So prefer a export in .3ds. Then, open the exported file in Artlantis. At this time, Artlantis is able to "understand" the different parts. So now, you can apply a glass texture to the glass part of the window and so long.
  3. Hi, I'm facing a new problem today and hope someone can give me a clue for that. Basicaly, i've a room made in VW with one window in the wall. Rendered in VW Renderworks, the glass looks ok. I export the scene in Artlantis and the glass goes funny (not for me). I mean that the all window looks as a block so i can't place textures on the differents parts of the window (eg : wood for the jamb, glass for the ...glass and so long). Does anybody knows what i did wrong ? (saddly, the artlantis forum does give any clue for that trouble). Thx for any answer or even suggestions..
  4. Once again, thanks Pat. You saved my life twice this day...
  5. Dear all, I'm struggling with my windows insertions and really don't understand what to do. So here is my problem : i insert a window in a wall ("Use Wall Depth" checked). It's all ok. I duplicate this window and move the duplicated one on the same wall. In the Info Palette, the "Window in Wall" object sudently becomes a simple "Window" (Use Wall Depth still checked). So, here is my simple question : why ? (why the duplicate becomes a simple window and doesn't stay a "window in wall" ?). Next question : what can i do to keep it like the first one ? Another problem : When i insert a window in a wall, the exterior face of the window always goes on the wrong side of the wall (the interior one). I had a "flip" button once. But now, everytime i insert a window, this button doesn't show up. Same question : why. Same Subidiary question : what can i do to get this button back ? Any help greatly appreciated...
  6. Many thanks for your tricks and tips. It works ok now. I also guess that i now understand why it didn't work before. So thanks a lot for your help.
  7. Great trick. So far, i've got my spiral ok (just one like in 2D...but in 3D). Ok, next, i try to extrude the spiral. Doesn't work. Then, i make a little cube to "extrude it along path". Doesn't work (i guess that it is because the 3D spiral isn't a 3D object). So i keep this little cube and a "Duplicate along path" with a large number of duplicates. In Wireframe, it look extactly like the thing i want to do. But once rendered, i've got something like a flat surface that fills the space between the turns. (don't know if what i say makes sense for you...hope so). Any idea about what i did wrong (i mean, how to get rid off this surface ?)
  8. Dear all, I try and try and try...with no success yet to create a spiral in 3D (not an helix one, just a normal spiral, with a tiny extrusion, in order to re-create a steel ornament of a parisian balcony). And of course, drawing a 2D spiral and extruding it doesn't work (this object can't be extruded...but don't know why). So here is my question : how do you guys do to create a normal 3D spiral ? PS : my english is bad. Really sorry for that. PS : i'm a beginner...so sorry for that dummy question.
  9. Dear Jonathan and BCD, Thx a lot for your replies. I go investigate in those ways (the extruded /splitted plan shape and the drape surface command (i've never seen that command so far...but, hey, i'm a rookie in VW)). Again, many many thanks...
  10. Hi ! First, i really hope that this post is in the right place (this is my first post and thought that the "General discussion" was the best for my question). So here we are : i need to put some rocks in my scene, around the place i built. But i have no clue about how to make that kind of 3D shape. Is there a way to do that in VW (2008version) or is it useless to try (so far, all i tried is a waste of time). If anyone has a clue or can explain how to do that, i'd be the happier man on earth. Thx in advance, Greg
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