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  1. I have a number of objects with records attached on different layers. I want to create reports by layer. Currently the reports list all the objects in the file.
  2. I can recreate the problem. This is not a 3d problem, this is in plan view. The windows are properly placed in the wall. The problem isn't the glazing, the entire window object is opaque. If the wall is drawn with a thick line weight, it really noticeable because the window object covers half of the line.
  3. I'm stumped. Tried your suggestion and it didn't work. No matter what I try, the window is always filled solid.
  4. It's not just filling the window, the entire area occupied the window, including the jambs and sill, are filled solid.
  5. Why is the window object tool creating windows with a solid fill? It is not controlled by a class or any of the settings I can find in the tool itself. I working with a black background, and the windows are being created with a solid white fill.
  6. Forgot to mention this is when the horizontal text position is on "auto". If you set it to the "right", it works.
  7. How come I can create a callout note by placing the marker first, then drawing a vertical line and then place the note to the right. The note always goes to the left. Am I missing something here?
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