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  1. quote: Originally posted by urimevs: Hi I'm having trouble printing with both an Epson 740 and a HP450C with Drivers from Microspot, All after we upgraded to VW 9 Everything worked flawlesly before. I have to export my files to 8.5.2 everytime I want to print. I will downgrade really soon if this is not fixed We export to MiniCad7 before plotting (creating HPGL/II files for outside plotting)to ensure that all text is plotted.
  2. We experience random instances of missing text when plotting to HPGL/II cmds files from VW9 and VW 8.5.2. According to MacPlot (MacPlot Pro), VW9 and VW8.5.2 are no longer compatible with the old MacPlotPro. Their only solution was to purchase the MacPlot GraphicPac for several hundred dollars a licence- almost more than VW itself. Plotting is also pathetically slow compared to MiniCad 7. This waste of time, and lack of forthcoming tech solutions or service(the promise of upgrades?heard that before with dwg translation...) is making us reconsider continuing with Nemetschek.The product, in spite of its ease of use, is useless if we can't produce drawings efficiently. Consider incorprating a driver option. [This message has been edited by Johannes (edited 05-16-2001).] [This message has been edited by Johannes (edited 05-16-2001).]
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