Freeform Truss Objects 1.0.0

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Marissa Farrell
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About This File

The 3 attached files demonstrate using Marionette to generate a roof truss from a guide curve. 
- Truss Network.vwx : This file contains a network that uses a named curve and some dimensional input parameters to produce truss geometry as extrudes on the layer plane.
- Truss Node.vwx : This file wraps the truss network from the first file and uses it within another network. This network takes a freeform NURBS surface, slices it into a series of curves using the contour node, and generates a truss from each curve.
- Truss Object.vwx : This file demonstrates the truss network wrapped and converted to an object. You can change the parameters in the OIP or reshape using the reshape tool.

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