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  • Vectorworks 2023 Service Pack 1 Available for Download


    Vectorworks, Inc. has released its first Service Pack (SP1) for the Vectorworks 2023 product line. This update includes quality improvements and minor fixes that improve your everyday experience with Vectorworks 2023.

    For a full list of improvements and bug fixes in the 2023 SP1 update, please visit this page 


    Service Pack Improvements and Fixes


    • Resolves wall worksheet errors when using the Count and Footprint Area functions
    • Removes duplicate functions and fields in the Select Function dialog box

    Space objects

    • Fixes incorrect net area calculations after modification
    • Resolves problems with space links in adjacency matrices
    • Applies zones from the style to spaces


    • When updating site models, grade objects and stake objects also update
    • Resolves hardscape bugs related to selection highlighting, hardscape alignment, and defining texture beds with default classes
    • Fixes a site modifiers issue that occurred when editing objects in sheet layers and viewports
    • Previews update when editing Laubwerk plant styles in the Edit Plant Style dialog box


    • Fixes the display of structural members in horizontal and section viewports
    • Extrudes now display correctly in section viewports

    Resolves occasional crashes that occurred when:

    • Resetting all plug-ins in landscape files
    • Creating new data visualizations, opening the Edit Data Visualization dialog box, and modifying referenced files
    • Debugging Marionette object networks
    • Trying to connect to BIMSync in the BCF Manager
    • Executing the Reconcile Notes command
    • Reordering items in the Keynotes List dialog box
    • Double-clicking a callout in an annotation


    • Fixes light object ID mismatches that sometimes occurred between Vectorworks and Twinmotion
    • Fixes issues when redrawing the top rails of railing/fence objects
    • Restores the cursor change when adjusting the width of docked palettes on Mac OS Ventura
    • When the Object Info palette is resized, resolves the size issue with controls on the Render tab
    • Spotlights’ brightness renders the same with either Renderworks or Redshift render settings
    • Fixes the context menu commands Active Class and Active Layer in 3D views
    • Restores missing lines when using the Convert to Lines command
    • Restores imported Marionette connections with embedded symbols that already exist
    • Fixes data tag bugs related to displaying tags in viewports and graphic legends, and displaying data in user-defined fields
    • Corrects phase loading information in Spotlight power planning reports
    • Fixes bugs related to the size and positioning of certain types of imported IFC geometry
    • Restores setting the material fill attribute by class
    • Resolves a delay that occurred after an AutoTURN Online download

    Vectorworks Cloud Services

    • Fixes the augmented reality (AR) measure cloud job, which can now generate a .vwx file
    • Improves the export of realistic materials from Vectorworks to the 3D model viewer


    Installing the Service Pack
    This service pack is available as a downloadable updater for all U.S. English-based versions of Vectorworks 2023. To install the service pack, please select Check for Updates from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows).
    Contact us at https://customers.vectorworks.net/ if you have any technical questions or problems during this process.

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    "•    Spotlights’ brightness renders the same with either Renderworks or Redshift render settings"


    Ohboy can't wait to test this 

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