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No OpenGL rendering whatsoever

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Things are going from bad to worse.

At present, my main Mac is at the hospital so I'm using my PB Ti 400 as the workstation.

When I try to do an Open GL rendering, I only get noise - the entire screen painte with random colour patterns / lines.

Reinstalled MacOS 9.2.2 - no change. Got latest (April 9) ATI drivers - no change. Reinstalled VW - no change. Reinstalled the new ATI drivers - no change. Changed Extension Manager settings to 'MacOS 9.2.2 All' - no change.

Any ideas? I need to do a live presentation on Tuesday!

Did not do a clean install (that takes a day!

MacOS 9.2.2 G4 400640MB RAM 400,000K allocated for VW (tried with less, no change)

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This is actually a bug in the ATI drivers for the G4 Ti PowerBooks and we have reproduced the problem here. The best solution is to use VectorWorks in OS X which has properly functioning OpenGL drivers.

If you need to use OpenGL OS 9 on your PowerBook, you can remove the ATI 3D and ATI OpenGL extensions from your system folder. This will disable ATI's accelerated extensions to OpenGL that are causing the problem, but still leave Apple's Altivec OpenGL implementation in place.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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