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Questions about UI building

Cachino King

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I want to create a dialog,  and I found this function:

bool CSampleDlg3::CreateDialogLayout()
	return this->CreateDialogLayoutFromVWR("VWUI Dialogs Sample/DialogLayout/SampleDlg3.vs");

So I went through this file,  found this:



But I didn't have the "Dialog Builder Tools". Where can I get this tool? Or can I just use C++ build my dialog? 

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After I installed the Dialog Builder, I noticed that the interface in my VW is different from the website. 

This is my VW: 


And this is the website's: 


It seems my builder doesn't have the button tools.


And another question is how to create a new layout. I can just import the .vs file. 

Is there anything wrong with my tools? Or is there anything wrong with my installation way?

Thank you very much. 

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3 minutes ago, Stefan Bender said:

IIuc the website shows an old version of Dialog Builder. The new version contains these four tools only afaik. You can change the type of a dialog item in OIP.

OK, I just found it. Thank you very much. Now I'm going to solve the problem of layout. I've never used this software before, so I feel rusty. 

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