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I've been attempting to export DXF so our structural folks, who use AutoCADD, can view and use our documents. For some reason, not all of the text is making the transfer, particularly, text in worksheets. Does anyone have some helpful tips about DXF export in general, as well as the more specific issue of text. Our office is using v.9 Architect. Thanks

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VW does not export worksheets at all because AC does not have a worksheet entity. In the future we will likely export a block with lines and text. There is some workaround for converting worksheets to regular objects, but i don't remember the details - copying and pasting to another application and then copying and pasting back maybe.

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It used to be that one could "ungroup" a spreadsheet in MiniCAD and it would become a group of text and lines. I assume NNA thought this was a bug and pulled the code which allowed this out. Since VWA 8.x I have taken to sending spreadsheet exports, reimported into MS Excel spreadsheets along with the DXF/DWG-ed drawings so the consultants who need the charted info can use the ODBC import kludge ACAD uses for so called database display. (Is that why ACAD charges so much for the program?).

The spreadsheet export from VWA works pretty good. Use Tab delimited as the export means from VWA. Live formula info doesn't go - but usually the receiver wants the actually displayed info and doesn't care about live, recalculating spreadheet charts.

Conversely - one can import an Excel sps into VWA spreadsheet form when the consultant sends one with pertinent info that goes into my drawings.

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