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Carol Reznor

Cut and Fill: calculating and visualizing each step

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We are looking for a way to calculate and visualize the Cut and Fill for each separate stage within the site modification process - this from an ARCHITECT's viewpoint.
The theoretical approach is:
Step 1 - Removal of the existing landscape
As the existing site consists of hardscapes and softscapes these areas need to be removed first.
a) Calculation: Based on a 2D plan one can calculate in the worksheet the amount of soil/debris that needs to be removed by multiplying the area by the depth. 

b) Visualization: In the 2D plan of the existing landscape the polygons can be converted to 3D polys with their  Z-height set according to the depth as estimated in step 1-a. (Before converting to 3D polys the polygons are offset by a distance of fe. 10 cm)

This results in a Site Model which can be used as a base to start the actual Cutting and Filling.


Step 2 - 'Cutting' the site according to the proposed design

- Draw the Grade limit for each hole/trench

- Draw the Pad per hole/trench. Name the Pad in the OIP. => for calculation: each Pad can be separately listed by name in the worksheet showing Cut volume

- in the case of more than 1 layer subsoil type one can draw a second pad within the boundaries of the first pad - name this Pad appropriately and add this in the calculation for differentiation


Step 3 - Forming/pouring footings and foundations

Within the Architect module the option to use a wall as a site modifier is not available. Footings and foundations are drawn using the Wall tool. These can be added to the calculation sheet if needed.


The question 🤨

Step 4 - 'Filling' the holes/trenches around the foundations

What would be an convenient way to draw the fills? 3D Modelling tools? Which properties of the 'fill objects' can then be used to add to the calculation worksheet?

By updating the worksheet subsequently it could be the 'tool' to check what will result as spoil  etc.



Thanks for reading this through!

Thanks for any thoughts or pointing me on mistakes in reasoning - for anything helping me forward...





Site cut and fill.vwx

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