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Intersecting curved walls, disappearing and failed joins

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It's usually like this for me: one glitch turns into the discovery of a bunch of them and halts progress.


Trying to join a curved 2x6 wall to a straight 2x4 wall. It worked on the lower side (see first image below) but the top side continues to give error that the "parts do not completely intersect". Zoomed in close to the failed join and saw the curved wall is .022" short of the straight. Given that it is a curved wall based on a center point, I can see why it would reject the join but just bombing isn't very helpful. A message like, "You need to increase/decrease the radius of the curved wall or reposition the intersecting wall ..." would be more instructive.

Anyway, I pulled the straight wall down .022" and made the join but it caused the whole thing to be hollow - shown in second image.






When hollow like that, it can only be seen in plan view. Any other 3d view leaves an odd 90-degree line echo of the wall:




So, reboot, etc. - no change.

Fresh file with nothing but a design layer and a few walls below and it won't join at all regardless of alignment.




The only thing it will do is alter the course of the straight wall if you start the curved wall from the middle of the straight wall. (Which I do not want - I need an intersection.)


Since it worked in one location, failed on the other side, caused one to disappear, and fails to get anywhere on a fresh file, I am inclined to think this is a bug.


I am on VW2019 SP5.3


On the shy chance someone has an idea or workaround for this, I am "all ears".



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