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Batch Image Import & Texture Creation From An Image

Seth Thomas


Here's a little background, so you know where I'm coming from. I do Toy Fair & Trade Show design for Mattel, and our presentations are very graphic heavy. This request may not be useful to most, but it would be huge for us. I'm not aware of any other VW users that implement individual graphic elements the way that we do (complex, non-repeating shapes, character standees, logos, etc. on a substrate, rather than the typical repeating textures and patterns like brick, grass, metal, glass, etc.). Image props do not work for this purpose, nor do images aligned to a layer plane. Cut-out, extruded objects with precisely mapped textures are the solution. A couple years ago when I was tasked with transforming our operation from 2D drafting into a full 3D world, I had to literally invent the process we use to create these graphics, as I was unable to find any techniques online that satisfied this particular need. It's completely within VW's capabilities to do this, but mass producing these graphics in a quick and efficient way, without crashing VW (as texture mapping often does), while in the context of a fast-paced, high pressure organization was the trick. As such, I am always looking for ways to make this process even more efficient.


So, here's request number one: We would LOVE the ability to batch import images. Importing dozens of graphics one image at a time is crazy tedious. And to follow that up, how about right-clicking on an image to find an option to create a texture from the graphic. Right-click the graphic, select 'Texture from Image', and the 'Edit Texture' dialog appears with the image already applied under the color shader, and the name filled in with the images name. Some sort of appendix would need to be added to the name so that it is unique; we use _T (underscore T for texture). Tweak the settings and adjust the size and it's ready to go.


Just to pile on, and I may be getting a little too wishful here, but some very basic image editing would be great too. Crop, rotate & stretch/transform would be great. I know we can kind-of do this, but not really in a useful way. I'm talking about altering pixels, not cutting and transforming using drafting tools. In no way do I expect VW to become an image editing tool, but those few basics would mean I wouldn't have to go to Photoshop for the super simple stuff.

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