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Dongel !!!

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posted 08-03-2003 12:43 PM ??? ?? ?? ? ?? ? ? ?? ??

I formated my HD and reinstalted all System OS X (10.2.6)

I instalted also Aladin "aksusb Installer"

I hove tryed it all and i gate the massage

"There is no VectorWork dongle attache to this computer ......."


The Dongle light is ON !!!


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If the dongle light is on, check to make sure the dongle ID on the dongle matches that of the serial number you entered at installation time.

You can also run the dongle checker - have the dongle plugged in while it runs - www.nemetschek.net/dongle

That will verify the dongle ID and serial number to ensure they match. If they match and you are tsill getting the message, you may need to delete the VW prefs file found in the home dir, library: preferences.

This file needs to be moved to the trash can and the trash needs to be emptied. Then try to launch VW.

If the dongle light is still on and no dongle is found, you may not have the BSD Subsystem installed. If you did a custom installation of the OS and did NOT check BSD Subsystem - you'll need to get that installed before the dongle drivers will work. The dongle drivers need components residing in the BSD Subsystem.

Please contact Apple or check their knowledge base for information on installing this.

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