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Drop down layer list question

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At the top bar in the VW window , just below the title bar, you can choose which layer is active from a drop down list.

There are usually isometric cube symbols next to the layer names, but in some files I have seen the iso cube change to a square with what appear to be dimension lines to the bottom and right.

...can't find this documented anywhere .... anyone know what it means?

VW 10.1.2 MacOS 9.2.1


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[smile] This graphic display to the side of a Layer name is a useful assistant.

The 3D cube indicates that the layer is set to a 3D view. e.g. right isometric, perspective, etc.

The Square with dimension lines indicates the layer is in 2D view mode.

If there is no graphic the layer is invisible (turned off).

If there is a cube or square then the layer is currently visible. I hope this is helpful to you [big Grin]

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A Layer with nothing next to it is an invisible layer.

A layer with a double isometric cube like picture is a layer that is set to some 3d view.

A layer with a square and two lines is a layer set to Top Plan View.

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