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Unit qualified numbers

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In Vectorscript I have shape drawing functions that have a unit embedded so they work in any current units ie 10.7mm

This doesn't work in Python. I have two examples that work - see attached files "convertnumbers 1" and "convertnumbers 2"

What I want to do with "convertnumbers 2" is overload the standard Python number or float so I can type for example 10.7.mm or (10.7).mm if the double period causes problems.

Any thoughts


PS Couldn't find a way for an inline format 10.7.mm but have found a way with format vwu.mm(10.7) see attached file "convertnumbers 3"

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This is already in dlibrary, a helper library for python plug-ins: https://bitbucket.org/dieterdworks/vw-dlibrary/src/42443e6a43ea0c54b49d17e71a9b1071a6a0e908/dlibrary/document.py?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default

check out the Units class from the document module. It's full with helper methods for this kind of thing.

Also, in dlibrary, many other functions will let you enter both a number or a string with the number and unit for their parameters, which is super helpful.

Everyone is free to contribute to it.

Especially this function:

def resolve_length_units(dimension):
   """Will return the same, but length unit strings will be transformed to floats.
   For a float or str dimension, this will return a float.
   For a tuple, which would be a point, this will return a tuple of floats.

   :type dimension: float | str | tuple
   :rtype: float | tuple
   if isinstance(dimension, str):
       return Units.__validate_length_str_to_length_units(dimension)
   elif isinstance(dimension, tuple):
       return tuple((Units.__validate_length_str_to_length_units(item) if isinstance(item, str) else item)
                    for item in dimension)
       return dimension

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