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Why can't Vectorworks walk?

Mark Taylor


Vectorworks is like a fighter jet that can't land. Once it runs out of fuel and winds up on the ground we are all in big trouble. It can't get back into the air. As an experience it just can't do normal things.

I had to initialize my computer. That means reinstalling software. Vectorworks is nowhere to be found. Why can't I simply download 2015 with Renderworks as I had before, perhaps from a simple download page on the website, and then enter my codes? Why am I here at all? Why do I have to jump through hoops to get what is already mine?

Why do I have to reinvent my user interface every, every, every time? Why is this not in the cloud in my "account"? Yes, I know I can move files around, cutting and pasting. But why? My job is to design landscaping not landscape design software.

Why is there no "account"? Why are there a Service Select, Cloud Services, and Student portal? Why not have a single account system with a user type that opens to whatever services those particular users might have?

I had a Service Select account, but then let it go. Yes, I got the upgrades. But I spend so much time trying to manhandle the whole thing that the upgrades mean nothing to me. I just want to draw some lines, work with a few symbols and databases, and print stuff. I have resorted to very often just scribbling some lines on paper and handing it to my clients in the moment. They often say, "Ooh, nice, let's do that!" That's not always possible with larger commercial projects so I continue to slog through. But it is slogging.

Every time I have to start over it's like pushing the fighter jet with my body into the air. Once it's in the air Vectorworks is a pretty good flyer. But, man, it sucks getting it up there.

Please take the user experience interface away from the engineers and hand it over to marketing. Not for 2020. Not next year. Now.

1. Central portal with downloads, purchases and codes, forum, user settings. One place. Only. Now.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

2016 added Migration which lets you bring everything over from previous versions, no need to manually move things or recreate.

You get your download and serial number both from the Service Select page directly.

Moving the rest to wishlist. (Also, please try to make post subjects more specific to the requests or issues you're facing.)

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