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Windows 7: .vwx not recognized, won't attach to VW files

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On several Win 7 computers, my VW files do not show the program icon in Windows Explorer, .vwx does not come up on program lists, is considered unrecognized in the Properties and will not attach to a file (via the Open With dialogue) when hunted down in the Program files(x86) folder. The files do not open when double clicked. Any ideas?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If you run Vectorworks directly, then try to open the files with File > Open, does it let you or does it give you an error message?

If it works, perform this procedure:


Then reboot the machine and tell me if the .VWX files show the proper logo and double clicking them opens Vectorworks as you would expect.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If thats working, then its something in Windows thats lost the default app setting, but its very odd that you can't even select Open With.

There is a chance you can force it another way. Follow the steps here to backup then wipe your Vectorworks preferences:


which should trigger the "Associate VWX files with this version of Vectorworks" dialog when you launch Vectorworks again, which may override the issue you're currently seeing if you then click Yes.

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