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I know this may seem to be an odd question but I have an old copy of Vectorworks 10 (yes 10, not 2010!!!) that I have been happily using for the last 12 years or so. It does not require a dongle and I have both pc and mac serial numbers.

The issue I have is the old PC I have been running it on has died and I need to invest in a new computer. I'm trying to decide whether to go mac or PC but a key consideration will be whether I can find a way to get my old VW10 to run on them. As much as I would love to buy a new version of VW, I can't justify or afford to blow ?1000+ on a new copy.

I know it's no longer supported but has anyone ever tried to run VW10 in either windows 8 or a virtual PC? Any help gratefully received.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It is completely unsupported on those versions, but my personal experience/recommendations:

I have gotten VW10 to install and run on Windows 7 and 8. I did not have time to try using it enough to give a solid recommendation that it would be ok for heavy duty use, but it ran.

Even if you do have problems on Win7/8, then Windows XP mode or a virtual machine running an older version of Windows should have enough power on modern hardware to run it reasonably.

For the Mac side, you will not be able to get that version running reliably on the latest 3 or 4 OS X versions at all. I saw graphical glitches galore as well as some serious Open/Save/Export issues.

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Whether you decide to buy a Mac or PC you can run older versions of Windows (2K,XP,etc) with Oracle VirtualBox which is free. And just like with any other virtual OS app, you will need a copy of the OS that you want to install.

I have windows 7 as the host OS and 2 virtual machines running 2K and XP and have not had any problems with the software. Since you can assign the amount of memory and storage, you should not have any problems running older software.

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