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Vectorworks SDK Updates

john hankinson

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I've just recently completed building a plugin for Autocad 2013/2014 on PC. We looked at using their Mac SDK version of ObjectARX but it seems to be completely out of date and not very well documented or supported.

I've now tried to investigate the option of Vectorworks and found it to be even less documented or supported. I managed to get the C++ samples compiling and running on PC, although I have to say the installation process through copy and Workspace editing isn't very intuitive.

I am unable to get a working plugin on mac, I'm guessing that because I'm on 10.8 with xcode 4 this is completely unsupported? I've tried switching between various compiler settings / gcc vs apple llvm. I was eventually able to get the plugin to compile and produce a vwlibrary file, however this doesn't show up under the workspace options for tools/menus as it did on pc and I can't find a reason why apart from that the sdk/build target/os combinations might not be supported.

It seems like the SDK is dead in the water and there is no real training material/reference available especially for Mac.

Has anyone had any luck with this or suggestions on what route I should take?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There isn't a huge amount at the moment, but the majority of it can be found here:


In Tech Support we don't have any resources or much experience with the SDK, but I do know that the above wiki will be expanding relatively soon (I would give you an exact date if I could) due to a few of the new features in 2014 regarding scripting and development.

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