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Judah Warshaw

2012 Door/Window Update

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As in the past, I would like to make our users aware of the new features and updates available in Vectorworks 2012's Door and Window tools.

We have tried to answer some many long standing and repeated requests with many of these new features. Some of these features were specifically requested by our European distributors. I hope there is something for everyone here.

New Door Attributes

The threshold line style and overhead swing line style can now be configured. Previously the threshold would follow the jamb line style, and the overhead swing was a hard coded dashed line.

The transom glazing now has its own class, like the sidelights. Previously it would use the same glazing as the glass leaf.

Window Transom Options

You can now configure the muntins for the transom separately than those of the sash, similar to the way you can in the door. Previous versions would force you to use the same configuration as the sash.

The transom glazing for the window also has its own class now to allow a different texture.

Window Sash Offsets

There are 3 new parameters for the window to allow positioning of the sash.

Sash Offset will move the sash from its default position within the jamb.

Sash Width Offset allows an additional width to be applied to the sash allowing it to stretch into the jamb.

Glass Offset will move the glass from its center position in the sash.

New Hinge Direction Marker Options

There are now options for both interior and exterior hinge direction markers in both doors and windows. Previous versions only showed the marker on the exterior.

There is also a Hinge Marker Class for visibility purposes, allowing you to show and hide the hinge direction marker by setting the classes visibility. Especially handy for rendering where you don't want to show the marker. You can now hide the marker without having to go to all your objects and changing the parameter.

Door and Window: User Control for Default Visibility Classes

The Sills, Ceiling-Main, Non-Plot and Ceiling-Overhead classes are no longer hard coded. You can user define, change, rename, redefine, reclassify at will. This is available on a per object basis so you can separate the classes used for doors and windows, and any mix you like. The existing values are the defaults, but you can play with them as you wish.

New Opening Types for Doors and Windows

Door size can now be defined using Leaf Size, Unit Size and Rough Opening Size. Previous versions only defined a doors dimensions by its Leaf size.

Window size can also be defined using Sash Size, Unit Size (previously Overall) and Rough Opening. The previous version only allowed for defining by Overall size.

Defining the height and width by Rough Opening includes the shim gap value in calculations.

There is also a new options to Show Shim Gap in Top/Plan view.

Unequal Bi-Part Door Leaf Configurations

For bi-part door leaf configurations, Bi-Part Swing, Bi-Part Pocket, Double Acting and Bi-Fold Bi-Part, you can now choose to have unequal leaf sizes. You define the width of one leaf, the other is calculated for you.

Door Threshold Extension

You can now define a Threshold Extension to be added to both sides of the threshold to extend it beyond the inner border of the jamb.

The 2D threshold polygon now has a proper solid fill.

Door Muntin Depth Options

The Window tool always allowed the user to define the depth of the muntin bars. The door did not. Now you can.

New Opening Configuration for Doors and Windows

A new configuration called Opening is now available for Doors, Windows and Corner Windows. This will create no infill geometry for your object. You will get what I call a "Fred Flintstone" window, just a whole in the wall. Can also be used to create simple archway opening in walls.

Consistent Component Wrap Points

When changing a door or window's width and component wrapping is on, the components will now stay in the same relative spot they were in. Make your door or window wider or thinner, you component wrap will remain the same. Some additional work has been done to resolve certain cap line issues and hatch rotation issues.

Net Glazed Area

Net Glazed Area now shows in the dialog as a proper area value. This is done with a new parameter. This is also available in worksheets, but you need to place a new parameter there. No need to make calculations to have the NGA show properly in worksheets. The old parameter is still there for backwards compatibility purposes.


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