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3D move doesn't work on NURBS surface vertices

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I guess this is primarly a message for Biplab and his team.

I'm very pleased with the way VW has aquired new 3Dmodeling tools, so I don't want to sound ungrateful. However, there are a couple of glitches in the current configuration.

One of those flaws is using the 3D move tool on NURBS surface vertices. When you select a set of vertices by hand (by pressing the SHIFT-key and dragging a marquee around the vertices you want to select), you're currently unable to move those vertices - and those vertices alone - by using the 3D move command.

In 2D, you can select a set of vertices of a polyline and move them numerically by using the 2D move command. You cannot do the same in 3D with 3D vertices by using the 3D move command. This is a clear inconsistency in the application's logic.

I'm aware of the fact that I can use the TAB key to insert this value, but that doesn't solve the inconsistency.

Another flaw is the fact that I can't drag a selection marquee around the individual vertices of a NURBS curve. Again, this is possible in 2D with polylines and in 3D with surfaces. There is no logical reason why this option would not be there for NURBS curves.

Would it be possible to change this behavior in future versions of VectorWorks? Preferably in VectorWorks 11?

Thanks a bunch,


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