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I'm receiving the message "one or more operations was aborted due to lack of memory. Increase partition size!"

I've consulted the topic of partition size in this discussion group. I've tried everything that was suggested to no avail.

I'm running VW on a G3 Mac with 320 megs of RAM and a 9 Gig hard drive. The unusual thing is that I only get the "memory" note when I'm trying to do one of the more simple rendering commands, eg. "Final Hidden Line". When I ask for a fully rendered version with shadows, etc. everything seems to work just fine. I need to do the "Final Hidden Line" version though, so it is important to me.

I've decreased the size of VW memory allocation. I've increased it. I've increased Virtual Memory to about 1 Gig. I've decreased it to the minimum. Nothing seems to work.

I'd really appreciate any help someone might offer. Perhaps the settings that seem to work for you?

Thanks a lot.

Roy in New Mexico

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I get the same message occasionally. I believe, though I haven't confirmed it with anyone at NNA that there is a memory leak that has never been completely eradicated. I seem to get it most often when I have two or more files open in VectorWorks at a time. Immediately after this message if you go to "About This Computer" at the top of the apple menu you will see that the memory used by all your open applications and the largest unused block does not total up to your total memory (whether actual ram or virtual memory). Yes I know about memory fragmentation - I've had this error come up when the only application I had open was VectorWorks. The system allocation plus the largest used block do not total to my total ram. This suggests to me that some memory is getting lost, and then not properly released resulting in "Out of Memory." I doesn't happen that frequently so I just live with it and reboot.

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