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I am currently trying to complete a fully automated system at my office. Of course VW is at the heart of this automation and I would like to be able to execute everything through perl and Vectorscript. However I've had to employ Applescript to get around some of my issues.

This is how my system works and my VW wishes:

First as we take in orders, our database dumps the attributes of the item that is to be drawn into a textfile.

These files are then placed into a directory.

Next, a cronjob which employs a perl script, checks this directory after a certain amount of time. If the cronjob finds files, it creates a text file containing the list of files that it found and places this file along with the other files into a processing directory. Once this is accomplished, the program calls an Applescript which opens VW and starts my Vectorscript. ( wish#1 - ability to open VW along with VW scripts from the commandline).

From here, VectorScript then opens the first file and reads it's contents. Then it draws and contorts the item described in the input file. From here I would like to be able to save the drawing file with the same textfile name that was read in, as well as a DXF file and a seperate textfile for material/part information. (wish#2 a script saving procedure that doesn't require a dialog box for both drawing and DXF files). Once each file is done, (a DXF, drawing and a material/parts list have been created), the files are moved from the processing directory to the completed directory. Finally, a different cronjob takes the material/parts information and updates our database with this information. All is said and done and no human interaction is needed to complete the process. As it stands now I need to rely on Applescript to automate a person clicking the OK button and to type in the name of the files etc..... Which is not only tedious but also gives the automation another place to go wrong. Not to mention ties up more system resources.

Thanks for listening. I'm sure I'm not the only person that will find these useful.


Dave Fortin

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