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Parametric Cabinet Tool - Custom Lengths and Doors

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It appears that the new cabinet tool is geared towards cabinets that are built as standalone boxes. I understand that that is how they are typically constructed irl, but is there not a way to do a long run of cabinets with X amount of doors?


For example: Let's say you have 10'4" of base cabinets and want to add 5 doors equally across the length. This doesn't seem possible with the new cabinet tool, it appears you would need 5 separate base cabinets at ~24.5" each. This is easily done with the old (and still existing) custom cab tool, but the issue with that tool is the lack to be able to "fix" certain sets of doors. If I need one door 6" wider than the rest, the custom cabinet tool will not split that 6" over the remaining cabinets. It will shrink the adjacent cab by 6" and leave the other as is. There is no control outside of doing your own math or keeping them as "equal" columns. 


Anyone have experience with this? I love the added control and details of the new tool, but having to set up a new style for every project for each base cabinets thats a different width seems counterproductive. 


Some examples below: 


Long run, no ability to ad more than a double door (new cabinet tool)





Custom cab tool (equal spacing is easy)



Custom Cab Tool (need one cab bigger)






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