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Dash Line



I work for a small company making the transition from autocad to VW. I Am employed to develope VW to there way of doing things .One answer I cannot give is in relation to the place where dash lines

start and stop.Often they can stop at the end of a line so as it does not appear connected to the line it is joined to.Say a roof footprint has no lines meeting on the corners . I am reminded that

autocad has the ability to turn off and on a function that controls the dash so it ends and starts on a visible dash.Almost like it has an integer value. Thank you for this consideration as per many of the things VW does it will be user friendly and fast done.

Regards Brendan

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Hi Brendan,

I know this is no real solution but I have a desperate man's workaround:

Go to the menu Page>Set Attribute Defaults>Arrow Heads...

On the right side of the panel, choose an arrow type slot you don't mind losing (I picked the open arrow head - Arrow #2).

On the left side choose a style that allows you to fix the angle, set it to 1 degree and 1mm or less.

Now you just have to fit your dashed lines with this pseudo arrow endings. Polygons will have to be tool>decompose(d).

Not very practical but I hope it helps.

best regards,


[ 04-11-2003, 10:25 AM: Message edited by: Alexandre B A Villares ]

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Cool cool cool guys way to go I see in the presentation that you have fixed this .

Truck loads of other excellent innovations as wellthat I cant wait to get my teeth into.

I'm twisting the bosses arm now .

Keep on rocking Nemetschek pardon the pun but Solid work!!!!!


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