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How to modify the Z value decimal places of 3D loci


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Often we receive surveys with 2D text elevations in meters at varying decimal points. However, the survey and linework are drawn in millimeters.

When I use the convert text to Loci networks on the forum, the resulting points are not accurate, because of the change in units. 


Does anyone know a simple way to select all 3D loci and change the decimal points of the Z value?

Alternatively, is it easier to multiply the 2D texts first and then run the text-to-point networks?


I'm sure it's an easy fix.



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changing the z-value of a 3d locus can be done with Marionette. Unfortunately i am not familiar with the "Text to loci" network that you are referring to, so i dont know if my example network is a good solution, but maybe you can point me in the right direction.


This is how such a Marionette could look like:


The Marionette works like this:

  • At first it searches for all the 3D loci with the "Objs by Crit" node
  • Then it gets the location of each found locus and finds its x, y and z values
  • Then it does something to the z value (in this case i divided the z value by 10)
  • After that the Network puts the coordinate values back together in the "Point 3D" node
  • And finally sets the coordinates of the 3D locus to the new values




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