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Plant Symbol Creation Script

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I would like to create a script that creates plant symbols for me to use in my designs. The Symbols would be created using an Excel Sheet with the necessary information for the plant's latin name, common name, schedule size, height, spread, and most importantly price. I would be great to be able to edit all attributes, but these are the most important for our design process. I am finding the creation clunky, having to edit each plant individually through manual input rather that being able to import a long list and make the symbols available. Can someone help me with this?

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Another option I have been playing around with is at least creating the specified plant symbols (around 2500 from one nursery) and editing the worksheet created by the "Plant Schedule" Resource in the Manager to make the symbol contain the respective information. However, I have been unable to discover a way to modify this information in a time efficient way, the brute force method of copy and pasting each cell from the Excel Sheet of the nursery's Availability List seeming the only way to achieve the modifications, clicking "okay" at every change I make up to the pop up. If the sheet could be linked do an Excel Sheet outside of Vectorworks and then a generalized "Yes to All Modifications" prompt made available, that would be helpful, too. Otherwise I will just have to use an inefficient autopygui script that will copy and paste these values in one by one.

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