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PlumbBob Perspective rectifier for Vectorworks® new version (2.0, VW®2023)

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Version 2.0, for Vectorworks® 2023


PlumbBob is an image perspective rectification that works directly inside Vectorworks (with a plugin object and 4 command menus).

The new version simplify the overall operations. There is no more the need to set the offsets fields, since the algorithm is now able to center the image inside the chosen key points.
Also the image is zoomed in way to include at least the key points in the resulting image.
It remains up to the user the option to change the final resolution of a factor of the original resolution, in order to reduce the time for the image rectification.


Here below the full 2.0 changelog:

  • Autocenter: the rectified image is centered on the point where the key points diagonals crosses
  • Autozoom: the rectified image will always include (if success) the key points and as much as possible the around area
  • Resolution: the resolution factor field is there to limit the production of very large images whenever they're not needed.
  • Also an alert shows up whenever the resulting image may have a side of over 4000 pixels. This alert consent to cancel the operation, to limit to 4000px the result, or to proceed.
  • No need to say that more pixels mean more CPU effort, so, more time to create the rectified image.
  • The plugin works also when image where transformed (scale, flip or rotation)
  • Also the plugin object can be rotated or flipped
  • Objects transformations (direct and inverse) works without conversion in polygons (curves are preserved!)
  • Eligible objects are: points, lines, rects, polygons, polylines, arcs, ellipses, rounded rects and groups contents (whenever the component is eligible)
  • Object, if needed, are converted in polylines with curves composed by spline beziers that are interchangeable within 3D transformations
  • Also groups (if contents are eligible) can be transformed
  • Images transformations (direct and inverse) take into account image crop mask (if present)
  • Image crop masks are transformed as well as any other eligible 2D object
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