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Wish List Item




1. Truly procedural hatch which can contain circles, arcs, polylines, etc.

2. Hatches should be scalable though the object info palette on a case by case basis

3. Associative hatches should have a user selected origin and should move with the


4. VW Architect should include a wider variety of higher quality hatches

2D Commands:

1. Trim tool needs a lot of work. We should have one tool that can trim everything except symbols & plug-in objects.

2. Extend and join tools should be more intelligent. The extend should be able to use

fences for selection & extend to a line or point. Join tool/ command should be able to join polylines, arcs, walls, etc.

3. It is hard to select text to edit esp. when the text is small.

4. Wall joins. Wall joins. Wall joins.

5. Better duplicate to point tool is needed.

6. We draw lots of orthographic details. It would be helpful if there was better support for dimensioning and text w/o having to dump into 3D.

7. Better wall insertion of symbols & plug-in objects. You should be able to designate certain plug-in obj. & symbols as non-inserting into walls.

8. It must be technically possible to snap to objects on a displayed but different scaled layer.


1. Should be easier to escape out of commands.

2. We should be able to print portions of a sheet just like architrion used to do it.

3. Panning and zooming needs to be allowed in the middle of commands.

4. VW Architect should have UDS compliant symbols, etc. as a configuration option.

5. It would be nice if the style and config. options for plug-in objects had more descriptive names in the obj. info. palette instead of just "config. 1", etc.

6. Not all VW Architect plug-ins are really "finished" (i.e. the detail wood cut).

7. We use spreadsheets as tables for schedules on drawings. Maybe it would be better if we had a separate table tool that could give us better text handling and multiple lines per cell. Cell resizing needs to be more flexible and easier.

8. The layer & class palettes should be redesigned with better control in a single window.

9. If a workgroup reference can't be found then VW should first search in the same folder as the current file & then quickly pop a file find dialogue.

3D Tools:

1. 3D lines.

2. Angled walls.

3. Hybrid symbol insert into walls.

4. Better 3D hatching and patterning for walls.

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