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Dash Style Management



Another week, another wish...

I wish line dash styles are more manageable. Currently, whenever an object with custom dash styles are pasted or imported into a drawing, the dash style pop-up menu just grows -- even if the new dash styles are NEARLY IDENTICAL to those already in the drawing!

Admittedly, this is a minor wish item. It does not affect functionality or time-savings or anything so important. It does, however, affect the final appearance of drawings as far as printed consistency. And with consistency and appearance goes the professional reputation of the VW user, bringing this issue back to a "weakness" in the software -- or, at least, an area of improvement.

Please humor this wish.

Thank you for your patience, NNA programmers.



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Well, I'm revisiting this wish list item posted several weeks ago because it's now a problem.

Currently I'm failing to import symbols that are modified only for their dash styles. They revert back to their old versions. My current drawings are MAX'ed out on the number of dash styles due to having brought in many objects from other drawings. I've lost track of which dash styles I can delete and which I cannot.

So without dash style management, I now have to create new symbols in EACH of my current six drawings -- instead of doing it just once and importing (and replacing) into the others. Very time-consuming.

Very disappointing.



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