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Booms & Draw Beam

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Originally posted by Eric Chenault:

I am having trouble with boom lights not being able to have their beams drawn (wireframe). The error "Incalculable Beam -- Vertical Angle must be > 11.5 degrees."

Is this a bug? A wish list item?

This is sort of a feature limitation. When the vertical angle is very low (i.e. a line connecting the fixture and the focus point is very nearly parallel to the floor.), as would typically be found on your booms, the pool of light becomes infinately large as the farmost edge of the beam is no longer on the floor. The beam is therefore incalculable.

I am looking into ways to improve this so that it could draw the half of the beam it can figure out and display some indication that the beam goes out forever in the one direction. It's on the wishlist.



Kevin Moore


Product Manager

VectorWorks SpotLight


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