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Found 3 results

  1. Maybe I am the only one, but I found it hard to get my head around the Axis when using the Modify> 'Rotate Object in 3D' dialog box. Can you therefore please : 1. Add the letters of the axis X, Y & Z into the working plane as floating text next to the line if possible. 2. And make a 'preview' button in 'rotate object in 3D' dialog box. Attached file for clarification of what I mean.
  2. Ive been sent a XYZ point cloud file by a surveyor that im having trouble working with in VWX Architect 2017. When i open it up it seems like its just a flat panoramic image rather than a 3d point cloud, is there some view / rendering setting i need to toggle on to get it to work properly ? Ive attached 2 screenshots of what im getting with this file below.
  3. I've been using VW, mostly for machine design, for about 30 years, but only doing 3D for a few. I have considerable difficulty assuring that 3D machine parts are correctly/precisely aligned in any view other than Top/Plan. I would expect to be able to specify an X,Y,Z value for some point on (or related to) any object or group, but can't. I'm currently using VW2015, previewing VW2017, hoping it would solve the problem, but apparently not. Can anyone help? P.S. I can't tell which position/color of the circle in "Notify me of replies" is the affirmative position. I'm assuming that the default (Left, white) is the affirmative.
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