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  1. Problem solved!! Raymond and everybody who offered or tried to help, thanks a lot! @Maarten, tried it, didnt work no idea why..
  2. Could somebody please convert some older MiniCad files for me? I'm a master-student at the faculty of architecture in Delft, and for my final design, I received some floreplans for a building similar to my own design, as a reference. The architect I received them from could not open or convert them himself, since he had updated a couple of times since. And lost his original program. The drawing is probably drawn with MiniCad 4 or 5. Since my faculty only works with Autocad/Windows, I have no experience with, or acces to either Mac or Vectorworks/MiniCad. And all the converting software that I found on this forum or with google, are for Mac. Could somebody please convert a file for me to something that Autocad will understand (*.dwg), or a PDF, or... anything will do. Please mail me on jaap(underscore)plugge(at)hotmail(dot)com or send me a message. Thanx in advance.
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