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  1. im a starter in vectorscript, so i need to know 1 things:

    is it possible to make a export/import automatic, i mean export to a pre-defined folder with a pre-defined name?

    (in this case the file to import should be .dwg a export to .dwg)

    thanks and sorry for the mistakes

  2. ok that's a start... :)

    you say that VectorScript Plug-in Editor Is in the Tools:Scripts menu.

    i dont have it ... at this moment my version of vw is only trial? i need to have a non-trial version to access vectorScripts?

    i have vw2008...

    btw: i havent write in english for a long time, for that sorry my mistakes... :)

  3. Hello all,

    im trying do develop a plugin to vw, but i start reading some documentation and i cant find a concret example of how to start...

    by start, i mean how to interact with vw ...

    can anyone help me?

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