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  1. Thanks for your tips, it was the sills class. Usually is always on, no idea why it turned itself off!
  2. Hi all, I've just recently encountered a problem with the door tool, not quite sure why as it was working perfectly fine so far. When I insert a door (in plan view), it creates the break in the wall, shows the jamb but not the door itself. I made sure the Show 3D Open was checked in the OIP, tried changing the class for the parts as suggested elsewhere in the forum, to no avail, the doors are still not appearing. Anyone has an idea why? Thanks!
  3. ooooooo. that simple? thanks so much. anything like it for the viewport issue?
  4. Hi, 2 questions: the reshape handles on all types of geometry disappeared. The only way to reshape them is to convert them to polygons and edit them in the polygon mode. 2: When I try to create a viewport using the Convert to Viewport command, I get the error: Cannot create viewport on locked layer links. What does that mean? Also, if I use the Create Viewport command, it won't let me reference another file, just the current document. I checked the references in the reference tab and all is under control there, any idea what the problem could be? Many thanks. Oh, we're using VW 2008 in the office.
  5. Hi, might sound like a silly question, but I'm trying to create a rail to loft a curve and I'm having trouble. Is there a way to input the z coordinate when drawing a line? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I've been working on this file and I keep having a duplicate of some of my objects, like a floor plate, appearing in front of everything. I can still select the walls and doors below it, but I can't delete the object itself. I tried right-clicking it to activate the class/layer but it says: no object at click point. We just switched to vectorworks 2008 and my work computer only has a 512MB Ram card, could that be the problem? (OS X 10.4.11) Any ideas?
  7. because you can see nurbs curve in 3d... that's before i knew you could extrude lines to 0 and achieve the same thing. i tried convert my nurbs curves to polys, but they disappear... ?
  8. I've already completed one facade and you can see the curves I'd like to project on the second facade...
  9. I'm working in NURBS, so I can't Add the surfaces together. When I tried converting them to polygons they disappeared, any idea why?
  10. The Project tool, on the Project and Trim mode to be exact...
  11. hi, i'm trying to model the elevation of a building. As I already extruded the shape itself, now I'd like to "cut out" windows in it, using the project trim tool. It works all right, but one window at a time. Is there a way to do that will all of them at once? (it doesn't work when they are grouped.) thx!
  12. Hi, I lofted surfaces in wireframe mode and when I tried to view them in shaded view, I can't actually render them. Is this because no surface has been created in the first place? If so, how can I fill the "frame"? thanks, gabrielle
  13. well, it would be a slanted raked wall, so I used the Loft with no rail option with my profiles and it solved the problem, should have thought about that before... thanks anyway!
  14. hi, ! have to model a slanted wall on a ramp, so a slanted floor, and I'm having trouble figuring how to do this. I tried extruding the profile along a path (the edge of my ramp) but I end up with weird results. On the other hand, I extruded a simple polygon to the height it needs to have but then I can't move the top face to incline the wall, it just moves the top face away from the rest of the wall... Can anyone help me? I'm guessing there is something I'm missing in the way you model in vw; I have been lazy and used sketchup for too long... Thanks! gabrielle
  15. okay, i'm trying really hard to like vw, but it's hard to let go of autocad for many, silly, small reasons, such as is there a way to modify the default way of seeing things selected (instead of having the blue handles at the end of lines)? is there a way to manually input the length of lines as you're drawing? any other tips or documentation to suggest? thx.
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