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  1. Thanks Benson for the suggestion. I have played with the setting with the site model and show proposed as suggested. Initially it did not work. However when I turn off border on hardscape setting the hardscape appears??? it is working but not really understanding it. Thanks lm
  2. I created a hardscape from a polygon. When the polygon is converted to a hardscape it disappears? Not sure why? Thanks
  3. There are many product downloads available to service select members. It has been recommended that these downloads be added to a favourites folder. Can the downloads be added to default content or user folders? Thanks,
  4. I would like the hardscape tool to have an ability to set a slope. I have never designed or have a hardscape patio for example without a minor slope for drainage. Generally speaking hardscapes require some slope and drain away form residences. It seems logical that we should have the ability to show patio hardscape slabs following a specified grade and depict it accurately in an elevation. Thanks lm
  5. I was using a scanned image as a reference and created a class for it. Do I need to have the scanned image PDF as a reference on a separate layer? Are referenced uploaded as a layer. Thanks Lm
  6. I have just uploaded a file to cloud. I received a message stating that my reference is missing and should upload reference. Why is the reference missing? How do I upload the reference? I thought that the entire file and associated information would of been uploaded to cloud. I am missing something? Thanks, lm
  7. I am using a massing model for a preliminary landscape plan. Can I change the modify the roof, indicating gables etc? Thanks lm
  8. Thanks Kevin, Interesting enough when the viewport is finishing rendering the sheet is blank! I will go back and try things again.
  9. I have completed a project and am producing sheets for viewing. I wanted to do a perspective. when rendering I am getting a message saying VW has aborted due to lack of memory. I have a new MacBook Pro / 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. Any suggestions or help. How to reduce file size? Other tips? Thanks lm
  10. Jonathan, Thanks, It works when their is only one object , but not more than one?
  11. I believe there is a way of identifying objects on a plan as listed in worksheets. Is it possible to click on an item in a worksheet such as hardscape items or plants, and have it identified on the plan? Thanks
  12. Peter, I have attempted to check to determine where the duplicate is located. I have even deleted the site model and recreated it. I am getting an message regarding invalid data. However I cannot determine what is corrupt or incorrectly selected. All staked objects seem to be correct and are the only objects that are selected to create the site model. The mystery continues. Thanks
  13. I am working on a project with a site model. There only appears to one site model in the project. However, when I insert plant material, I get a pop up box where I can select either site model or site model-1? I cannot not seem to find any duplication, and cannot change the name of the site model?s Any suggestions, Thanks/ lm
  14. Gentlemen, Thank you very much for your input. I have checked and setting are as you have indicated. Ironically, the site model settings check box for 3D Contours is greyed out and I am unable to check? Why would I not be able to check that box? Thanks lm
  15. I have just created a site model. I validated the data and checked for accuracy. The site model is however appearing without contours. When I look at the model in an isometric perspective there appears to be surface deflection. What should I be correcting to have contours appearing? Thanks lm
  16. I have designed an light fixture for a commercial project. I would like to do a rendered perspective. I am not sure exactly how to set up the light . Do I use a background? What do I need to set up the illumination. Thanks lm
  17. Is there a way to copy paste into the notes data base?
  18. I have recently upgraded to VW2013 and purchased a new MacBook Pro OS X 10.8.2. I had documents, files etc transferred fro the old lap top to the new. When I open the notes manager, all of my notes in the Notes Manager data base is gone! Am I able to go to some of my project files and export notes to my user folder and repopulate the notes for future use in the notes data base? Thanks lm
  19. Tamsin, Thank you so very much once again for your assistance!
  20. alfresco


    I have created a landscape plan with sunken concrete patio with a border. I would like to have some cut out sections within the patio. When I punch the cut out sections, Vw automatically creates a border around the cut out sections. I do not want interior borders in the patio, only along the main perimeter. How do I eliminate interior borders? Can I control where borders are created? Thanks, lm
  21. Thanks Mike! Getting back to normal. Sort of! Gained key board functions.
  22. Interestingly enough, the shift keys etc works in other applications outside of VW2013. Not sure what is going on? But am facing a number of anomalies. I Will recheck OS settings. Thanks
  23. I am no longer able to highlight multiple objects by selecting while holding down the shift key? What has been disabled? Thanks
  24. I have applied a hardscape as a 3D textured modifier on a sloped terrain. But am unable to edit texture. What are the things to check for? What am I missing? Thanks
  25. Tamsin, When I used the pd with retaining edge, and used the send to surface command I was getting unpredictable results. Not sure what I was doing incorrectly. I created a pad and set a grade limit. I selected the grade limit and used the send to surface command. It worked as predicted. Thanks, as always very helpful!
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