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  1. Just to keep everyone up-to-date as I flail along. (This post live from behind Kitchen Stadium as we load in Series 11.) This script compiles but the pop-up is greyed out, useless! Why doesn?t it fill up? Just stubborn is my guess. I?m going to keep trying to comprehend Events as the kitchen comes together. (Note, if some of the lines are inscrutable, I'll admit, it's because copy-pasta... I just keep trying snippets and bits.) I appreciate all the help, and look forward to any more insights! PS. shout out to Mr Joshua, you've offered excellent advice in several threads.
  2. alright?I need to go get lunch (who spends the 4th of July scripting, anyway?!) Current non-functioning code below. (add a head-on-wall when I figured out "oh, right, Parameter Number...") Submitted for review: ***revised again, update below***
  3. Note sure, but it looks like you are missing a space between HatchNumResources and Do. facepalm. ?
  4. Oh Mr Dunning! You posted while I was formatting the post above, so I totally missed your additional advice! I will go incorporate the additional lessons. Thank you for your guidance and patience! ?
  5. Here is a quick attempt to draw a box and fill it with a dynamically selected hatch. It does not work! I am confident an {Addict} can explain it to me {Greenhorn}. (I swear this is just my programming experiment, you're not doing my homework assignment for me.) ?? ***several dummy mistakes in this, please ignore it, update below***
  6. Hey Mr Dunning! Right ON! That looks deceptively simple; I shall attempt an implementation immediately. {This space reserved for possible subsequent "omg help" messages TBD} ?
  7. An afternoon of digging found a helpful explanation of Events at VectorLab. (Missed this on earlier searches.) Still a chore to relate this to hatch selection, but I am going to win, I swear...
  8. Hello DWorks! Thank you for your assessment! I have implemented both of the "simple" ideas; entering a custom string is fine but problematic, and the hard-coded pop-up choices is very limiting, and a modal dialog box would be intrusive and defeat the intended ease of the tool. (As a certified Lazy Designer I am attempting to make my PIO do as much of the work for me as possible.) The most flexible and desirable solution would be populate the parameter's choices with a list of available hatches. (I can't imagine I'm the only person who has ever wanted a slick dynamic hatch popup...? whoever provides insight/code will be a hero, a hero I tell you!) I am not opposed to the work?I am simply overwhelmed by the obtuseness of the related texts. For example, despite numerous references to "PIO must be event-enabled," I have not actually found a single clear explanation of how to do that; mostly, I just encounter other poor bastards like myself.
  9. My PIO includes a pop-up to apply a background hatch. Currently, the selections are hard-coded into the Parameter's "choices" (each hatch, by name, really basic). It would be better to populate the info-palette Pop-Up button with a list of all hatches in the document?a dynamic list that shows available hatches (like, including new hatches as they are added). Has anyone achieved this? can you describe the code, or provide a snippet? My searches have been inconclusive, or maybe so far beyond my modest abilities I can't understand them... the most common result, Parametric Custom Shape Pane, is a little erudite for my interpretation. (if anyone could explain-it-like-I'm-5-years-old, I would be grateful!) ?
  10. Excellent point, Mr Stanford, but I must confess I would not have known to look for MOD regardless of its presence. When I post, it is as much for programming advice as for bibliographic reference?I apologize if that is a misuse of the forum. ?
  11. Boom! perfect. Thank you both very much! (just had to make sure wLights was INTEGER... MOD won't take REAL.) [font:Courier New]Test := wLights MOD 2; IF Test = 0 THEN begin {do even number stuff} end ELSE begin {do odd numbered stuff} end; [/font]
  12. I have not! because I do not recognize that command, X MOD 2; I can't find that in the guide... may I trouble you foe either a link or an explanation? Thanks!
  13. Is there a simple way to determine if a number is odd or even? PASCAL math commands include ODD(x), but this appears missing from Vectorscript. I tried ODD anyway, and got this error. [font:Courier New] if ODD(wLights) then [do some stuff based on wLights]; | { Error: Identifier not declared. } | { Error: Expected a string. } | { Error: Expected a Boolean. } | { Error: Did not expect this after end of statement - missing ;? } [/font] (wLights is declared, I think the error is asking about "ODD") Alternately, is there perhaps a way to determine factors? I could simply check if a number is divisible by 2 or 3... I might be missing something obvious, but I have honestly been scouring the language guide and the developer reference. I appreciate any ideas!
  14. Thank you, that is excellent. Just tested, it works exactly as you describe. (Honestly, I searched the Language Guide repeatedly, I clearly missed these instructions. I did find EncryptVSPluginFilePath as you mention http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=VCOM:VectorWorks:ISDK::EncryptVSPluginFilePath and was on the verge of attempting that process. I really appreciate you lending a different set of eyes to guide me along!) PS. looking forward to that automator workflow! ?
  15. Hmm. I found instructions to encrypt a vectorscript at... http://download2cf.nemetschek.net/www_misc/2010/Vectorworks%202010%20Help/Data/15_Vectorworks/19_UsingScripts/Managing_VectorScripts.htm but they appear to be only for encoding script? The dialog box will not recognize my VSO file.
  16. I have finished a couple tools and I want to save them in a manner that will prevent meddling. Does anyone know a simple method to Lock or Encrypt scripts? I cannot find it in the developer reference. Thanks! ?
  17. Hey Mr Stanford! as if I wasn't in your debt already! Thank you so much for checking in. Your version worked perfectly! I shall now set about complicating it, and I will check back in as soon as I have broken something. ?
  18. I have been using VectorWorks for years, but I am a dreadful novice at Vectorscript. Here is my attempt to create a title block that auto-updates using information from its own filename. To explain? I always name files in the same format, with all files for a single show living in their own folder. ie., SHOW FOLDER : SET-EPISODE-Name.vwx So a complete string might be DexterS6 : 862-612-Int Modest House.vwx means "Dexter" Set #862 for Episode 612, "Interior Modest House." Sometimes the names vary slightly, like Torchwood : AMORT-ALL EPISODES-FBI Headquarters.vwx means "Torchwood" Permanent (amortized) Set, "FBI Headquarters." But it's always simply strings separated by hyphens. (ie., the set "numbers" are for reference?they are not part of any calculation, so they're not integers.) My title block is a dead simple line of text?really it?s little more than the most essential information, please see the attached file. Below is my attempt to script the named stamps? Needless to say, my work is little better than pseudocode, and does not compile cleanly! I hope some VectorScript genius can lend a hand! I will credit you & praise you in the final script, which will be handed down into posterity. ??
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