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  1. Does anyone have any examples to show of their methods?
  2. I currently run VW 12.5 on a Intel Mac Pro Quad Core 2.66ghz 2 GB Ram (4x 512mb modules) I want to make my large renders move faster. Would increasing my RAM to 4GB (2 x 2GB modules) be effective? Or does CPU affect the render more?
  3. Now that's an interesting idea benson.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Just to be clear, the only way to keep texture and glow effect together is to separate the effect by making a transparent texture and an area light? There is no way to produce a "glow" effect on the object itself that would be found in a program like "maya?"
  5. Hi Guys, I'm using VW 12.5 and I am having trouble achieving a particular effect that I"ve been trying to accomplish. I am rendering a theatrical set that has video walls as the background. This version of a video wall is a grid system of plasmas arranged that would project behind the performers. I currently have the video wall constructed as one large polygon with smaller polygons layered on top to imply the screen "breaks" in the wall. I would like to give the illusion of the wall "glowing" much like an area light or an actual TV. How would you achieve this while retaining the image texture applied to the polygons? I have included an image for reference: Thanks!


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