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  1. Thanks for all the advice and comments added to this thread. I called the sales dept. at 410-290-5114 and after a bit of discussion and explanation ordered the upgrade to the Fundamentals module. This seemed the best/most similar interface with what I am used to... hopefully I wont be too blown away by the changes. I'm actually looking forward to a more usable program.... scrolling, zooming, quick tool changes, better file compatiblity, printer interface etc, etc. This seems to be a very thoughtful forum, thanks again.
  2. I started with MiniCAD6 and upgraded to version 7 about ten years ago. I love it, but am getting tired of having to start up in Classic9.2 on the Mac. Is there an upgrade path available? I have tried contacting VectorWorks several times by email and once by phone but have had no response. Also is there a demo version available (I'd like to know how similar the interface is)? and or is anyone one willing to sell/loan me an older version like say VectorWorks9or10? Thanks for any upgrade insight / help thats out there.
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