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  1. sometimes i need to do a drawing, then turn it 90?. Why do SOME of the dimensions turn with the drawing and others not? I have done the adj flipped text, the horizontal/vertical, align adjustments, but still some stay flat. And i also noticed it has nothing to do with the value of the dimension(ie 5/8" will flip, but 3 1/4" wont but a 6 1/4" will) WHAT AM I MISSING???

  2. i'm not sure how to explain, but i will try again from the beginning....

    i was looking for a plumbing fitting, went thru files and found a file listed as"AIA plumbing Eng.sta. so i thought my problems were solved. but no, they weren't. how do you get to the data that is in that file?


    i understand that they arent necessarily a 'drawing' but where is that files data and how can i use it?

    hope that makes my question clearer !? not sure how to clearly ask what i need :>b

  3. ok. but if i double click or got ot "open" to open them, i get a generic border that's it.

    i am actually looking in the STANDARDS file. i guess i'm not sure where they are within the program. it may be bad navigating on my part. any more ideas? what should i be looking for/at?

  4. i asked this a long time ago and didnt get too much help...

    is there a way to easily develope a crown molding?

    A developed crown molding is when you run crown down the side of- a dormer window, and it needs to meet up with a "normal" positioned crown. usually the "developed" molding is longer and skinnier than the original.

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