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  1. in the OIP. first field is X position second field is the Y postion third is the Z position fourth is the rotation. how can i export the rotation value for my lighting instruments? X, Y, and Z spit out perfectly... but I can't find what field contains the rotation in the export.. let me know.. I appreciate the help... David.
  2. I've never had any issues with DWG files before... now, all of a sudden, when importing into my vwx 2009 i get the following error open dwg library error 309: internal error i can import the same file into my version 2008 and it opens just fine... any suggestions? Let me know. David vwx 2009 SP4 G5 2 by 2.8GHZ Quad-Core Intel 2GB 800 MHz
  3. Andrew: you had it right on the nose.. thanks for the tip... maybe nemetschek can stop this spontaneity with its next SP.. but if it were a choice between speed and this... faster would be better...
  4. I've been working in a 2008 drawing all morning and now i can no longer insert lighting instruments.. i now get the following error: the selected object is not a 2D symbol. i can duplicate a fixture already existing in the drawing, and then active another symbol in my resource browser.. then change the fixture in the drawing with the REPLACE WITH ACTIVE SYMBOL command... but i can't directly insert a new symbol... i've tried restarting, tried using a previous drawing, tried a new drawing, tried a blank document, tried using symbols included with 2008... all with the same error. I can export the drawing to 12.5 and everything works just fine. i've been working in 2008 all day and its been fine (slow as mud, but fine).. now this.. any ideas?? let me know. David. Macbook Pro OSX 10.4.11 Intel Duo 2.16GHz 1GB ram Vectorworks 2008 SP2
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